Behind the soul of every piece of jewelry, is the heart of its designer. Dena Bagon, founder of D.Jo Jewelry , has proven to be a noteworthy visionary in the market. Her perception in discovering antique pieces, understanding the road they have travelled and imagining their influence in the years to come stands alone. Full of grace and elegance, Ms. Bagon blends her artistic vision into emblems that contain elements of individuality and serenity.

Dena Bagon grew up in a family of antique dealers. Constantly surrounded by these memorable artifacts, at an early age she developed a keen sense of style and design. Concentrating on building her collection, she skillfully molded ornaments into personalized designs for family and friends that reflected the strong attributes of those around her. The lucky recipients of her designs would often comment on the intimate bond they felt with the pieces and the sense of confidence they experienced in its display. In 2012, Dena Bagon officially coined D.Jo Jewelry. Her pieces are currently featured in prominent stores in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and the surrounding area.

Part of what makes Ms. Bagon's design so unique is her passion for pieces that have histories, characters and messages. They represent past ages, which become personalized and emblazoned with new meaning by the women who wear them. Old meanings become relevant to present day situations – love, marriage, children, family, success and friendship – all adding a token of self-expression. They are timeless pieces that will be treasured throughout all ages.

Since the beginning of time, jewels have had a significant influence on mankind. While advancements have changed the way jewelry and gems are manufactured, what personal adornments have consistently offered throughout the years are beautiful forms of self-expression – symbols of wealth, tokens of love, myths of past ages, cultural rites and exciting unsolved mysteries – jewelry, in all its forms, is timeless, appreciated and admired by all and unique in meaning and interpretation to the individual person it adorns.

Beyond their beauty, each piece in these collections have a story to tell. Each one holds a tale of the past, but in your guardianship, they will also represent a message for the future and continue to be nurtured for the admiration of future generations.

I invite you to browse through these collections, and hopefully, the love and care I’ve put into their creation will shine through and offer you a moment of history that you will treasure and wear forever.